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Love on the Battlements
So much was on my mind. My Father. Redwall. The loss of my arm (which still stung like a bitch), and Roze. She was the thought that occupied most of my mind. She gave me strength. Peace. Happiness. I know I've known her less than a week, but it feels like a lifetime. She smells like cinnamon. It's a very pleasant scent, an addicting one. Thing is, it don't seem like the smell comes from any sort of shampoo she uses: kinda weird to say, but it's almost like it comes from her soul. Her bright red colors was proudly wrapped around my upper left arm, and it's obnoxious tightness makes me smile brightly. She liked me. A lot, apparently, since she made such a sacred vow. Giving me her colors signifies that she trusts me with her life. Just like how I almost gave my life to protect the Abbot. I shuddered, and clasped the bandaged stump with my left hand. Below my palm, I still felt the ripped flesh, beginning its long process of scarring over. I hear soft footsteps, and I turn
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Run. That was the only thought passing though her broken mind. Escape the Circus, escape the pain. Simple enough. Her leg muscles screamed in protest, her logical mind saying: "come on, honey, rest. You know you want to!" The voice in her head sang sweetly.
"SHUT THE HELL UP!" She screamed at herself, sprinting faster. Finally she reached the forest and jumped in headlong, sailing into the brambles. 
"Shit, where did that freak go!?" The voices cursed, flashlights shining very near her hiding spot. She gripped the small bloody knife to her chest, her black heart pounding as they drew nearer, nearer, ever so close… And finally, past her. The strange girl sighed in relief, than screamed in fear as the light was spun back on her. Blinded, she ran out, screaming. She ran as fast as she could, her bare feet cut up and bloody from the brambles and thorns. She pushed past the pain and kept on, blindly stumbling forward as the men chased her, sneering and brutish. She got her foot caught in a root and falls foward, sent crashing into a deep ravine. She closed her gouged out eyes and smiles when she hears a loud crunch. 
"I am dead" she thinks. "Finally, I am dead." She then realizes she's very cold, and that it feels as if she was all over the place… She looks around in fear and realizes she was torn in half! As she fell, she landed on a sharp rock that rendered her body in two. She also realized her jaw was smashed beyond belief. With a scream, she tried to move her arm, but couldn't. She laid there, broken and useless. Dead. But alive.
"I'm so useless!" She sobbed. "I was a failure to master, and now I couldn't even avenge his death!" She then stopped abruptly, hearing a ticking sound in her head. 
"What…was…" Suddenly, the ticking grew louder, a buzzing echoing and reverberating in her mind. She heard what sounds like a click, and shivers when she feels something MOVE in her head! The scrabbling gets louder, and she hears a chittering sound in the back of her mind. Mind numb with fear, she feels the thing move around in her head, tiny pricks of pain enveloping her mind. Suddenly, she feels it slip downwards! She feels something in the back of her throat, and what feels like LEGS pulling itself down her throat! Suddenly, she feels whatever it was plop into her mouth, and screams in fear as she feels many writhing THINGS move around inside! She looks down in fear as she sees what looks like a small mechanical leg, long and thin, slip out of her mouth. She sees the metal thing bend and flex its joints. Suddenly, another pops out, and another, and another. Then, more and more slip through her broken jaw. Finally, a giant rusty spider crawls out of her broken jaw. It skitters around, and shakes itself off. Turning around, it eyes her broken form.
"Master?" It speaks in an elegant voice. The girl stares, horrified, as it clicks it's metal fangs together, clicking an odd tempo. 
"Oh no, your body!" The spider cries out. "I'll fix you up, lassie! Wait and see! With that, the strange creature arches it's abdomen, using its hind legs to pull out a rusted looking piece of wire, spinning it out as its fangs sharpen the tip. 
"Hold still!" It warns. Crawling up on her face, it uses four of its legs to pull on the jaw, tugging hard as a loud snap signals it's back in place.
"Oh dearie, what have you done?" The spider frets, wringing its front legs together. Using its mandibles, it pieces her lower jaw with the wire, slipping it up and threading though the upper jaw. Repeating the process, the spider sows her top and bottom mouth shut, wrapping it around the spools bolted to the inside of her mouth. 
"There!" It cries, satisfied. "Now to put the rest of you together…" Sighing, the spider unspooled more wire from its abdomen. 
"I just wish, madam, you would have found an easier way down.."
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Aaron Sage
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Age: 17
Hobbies: Drawing, running, hanging out with my friends, working on Project Jiroko (it started out as a hobby, but turned into an obsession), and listening to my music.


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Thanks much for the watch dood! I dunno why I hadn't done this earlier, but I have watched you in return!
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I don't really have much criticism for you to be honest.
Your style is different than any other style I've really seen before. It's elegant in a striking fashion, if you will. I guess I mean that it seems rougher than a lot of other artwork I've seen in my life time but the roughness works (it's not a bad thing). Most of your drawings are so powerful and really tell a story with your characters. I think you really end up bringing your characters to life with the way you draw them. So yea. There's my attempt. Haha.
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